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Fun-Filled, Full-Body Workout for all Fitness Levels

Best Introduction to Boot Camp

  • Build your confidence and fitness foundation while going at your own pace in a fun-filled 60-minute workout.

Burn 500-700 Calories per Workout

  • Plus continue to burn more calories after the workout than the treadmill, elliptical or jogging!

Fun, Positive Environment

  • Forget about drill sargeants, get the motivation and positive encouragement you need to succeed.



Personalized Coaching

  • Welcome to a world where the exercises and workouts are tailored to your fitness level.

Spirited Camaraderie

  • Find friendly support from others who are working out for the same reason you are: to get results.

Beginners to Intermediates

  • BASICS is the perfect program if you're just getting started, yet challenging enough for intermediates.



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Bootcamp BASICS

One-Hour Workouts

Burn calories, tone muscle, increase core strength and melt fat in this fun-filled, full-body workout designed for beginner to intermediate fitness levels. Sign up today!







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Ultimate Bootcamp Success Stories

Mike's Ultimate Bootcamp Success Story


Mike lost over 60 pounds and is leading his family to a stronger, healthier lifestyle.



Ultimate Bootcamp Success Story


Deanna finished a 5k for the first time ever without stopping after working out with Ultimate Bootcamp.


Ultimate Bootcamp Success Story


Bored with her old workouts and never a morning person, Tenley now happily declares herself addicted to starting her day with Ultimate Bootcamp.




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