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Why Ultimate Bootcamp Works

Beginners and intermediates thrive in Ultimate Bootcamp's non-intimidating atmosphere. Our friendly Boston Trainers adapt the workouts to YOUR fitness level and together we celebrate your every-day victories. You deserve to look and feel amazing, we provide the coaching and motivation to get you there. You're just 4 weeks away from unleashing YOUR best body!



Personalized Coaching

Welcome to a world where everything is tailored to your fitness level. Unleash your potential and uncover your best body with workouts designed specifically for you by the most personal trainers in Boston.



Endless Motivation

Energetic, upbeat Instructors make it easy to love your workouts and the feeling of achievement after every class. With the motivation of your Coach you'll find yourself doing things you never thought you could.



Fearless & Fun Environment

Forget about drill sergeants or the fear of making a fool of yourself; unleash your confidence in a non-intimidating atmosphere. Beginners and intermediates thrive in our fun-filled fitness classes. No first-or last-place here...just results.





Spirited Camaraderie

Celebrate your every-day victories in the fresh air with fresh exercises. You'll find friendly support from people just like you, who are working out to shed fat, tone muscle and feel accomplished.



Lose Weight Fast

During every one-hour workout you'll burn 500-800 calores. And - as if that's not enough, you'll continue to burn more calories after the workout than the treadmill, elliptical or jogging!



No Guesswork

Programs like indoor cycling can get you sweaty, the weight room can get you toned and yoga addresses flexibility, but why fumble to create your own exercise program when our all-encompassing workouts are designed to hit it all - blazing cardio, muscle sculpting, and core conditioning - in the same class!



Gym Boston MA



2014 Schedule

All Outdoor Locations Offered

April 28 - May 22

June 2 - June 26

July 7 - July 31

August 4 - August 28

September 8 - October 2

October 6 - October 30


Condensed Winter Schedule Begins

Limited Locations & Times Offered

November 3 - November 25

December 1 - December 19

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How it Works:

  • - New boot camp groups start every 4 weeks.
  • - One-hour workouts held Monday-Thursday at most locations.
  • - Attend 2 or 4 workouts per week. Find a Workout Package that works for you below!



Would you like to join a group that has already begun?

Email Office Manager Sandi to see if room is available and get pro-rated pricing.




Unleash Your BEST Body with Ultimate Bootcamp

Lose Weight, Tone-Up or Get Bikini-Ready

Choose a Workout Package that matches Your Goals



Boston Fitness Success Story Courtney


Boston Gym Sameer Boston Gym  

3 Months


2+ Months


1 Month


Fall ultiPASS
90 Day Transformation

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In the first 90 days Courtney shredded 24 pounds and dropped 2 dress sizes. Do what Courtney did and unleash your best body with 3 months of transformative Ultimate Bootcamp workouts for as little as $11 per class.



Month-to-Month Membership

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Sameer built up consistency and dropped 20 pounds in his first 2 months of total-body fat burning exercises. Get your month-to-month Ultimate Bootcamp membership for as little as $12 per class.




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Rachel boosted her confidence and her bottom line just in time for bikini season. Get control of your assets with 4 weeks of high-energy, results-driven workouts for as little as $15 per class.







Fall ultiPASS - The 90 Day Transformation

Ultimate Bootcamp DealYou're just 90 days away from unleashing your best body ever! Get ready for new, smaller clothes and sky-high confidence. Purchase the Fall ultiPASS to get 3 months (August, September & October) of Ultimate Bootcamp workouts at the BEST PRICE available.


Boston Boot Camp Mike



Fall ultiPASS 2x   $135 per bootcamp

Attend 2 classes per week for 3 months (Start dates: Aug 4, Sept 8, Oct 6)

$405 due at time of purchase.


Fall ultiPASS 4x   $185 per bootcamp

Attend 4 classes per week for 3 months (start dates: Aug 4, Sept 8, Oct 6)

$555 due at time of purchase.


Log In to purchase ultiPASS


Due to the condenseded winter schedule, the Fall ultiPASS is valid for August, September and October boot camp groups only. By purchasing an ultiPASS, you agree to the ultiPASS Terms.









Month-to-Month Membership

Monthly MembershipGet the convenience and ease of recurring auto-payments with our popular Monthly Membership. Enroll today and begin your workouts on the next start date. It's the most convenient, no-hassle way to enjoy great fitness results month after month at discounted prices. Minimum 2 consecutive month commitment required.

Boston Boot Camp Galina



Monthly Membership 2x   $150 per month

Attend 2 classes per week at one location of your choice.


Monthly Membership 4x   $199 per month

Attend 4 classes per week at one location of your choice. Get unlimited access to all Ultimate Bootcamp locations for $225 per month.


If you ever need to change your Membership Location or Class Time or would like a 3x per week Membership, email us. We'd be happy to help! By purchasing a Monthly Membership, you agree to the Membership Terms.

Recurring Monthly Member 2x

Enroll today, begin on the next start date. Don't want to wait? Email us for availability in this month's classes and pro-rated pricing.


By purchasing an Monthly Membership, you agree to the Membership Terms.




Recurring Monthly Member 4x

Enroll today, begin on the next start date. Don't want to wait? Email us for availability in this month's classes and pro-rated pricing. 4x Membership only valid on morning classes that meet 4x per week.


By purchasing an Monthly Membership, you agree to the Membership Terms.









Class Packs

Boot Camp Class PacksYou're just 4 weeks away from a stronger, healthier you! Purchase a Class Pack to get 4 weeks of fresh exercises and endless motivation from the best Personal Trainers in Boston. Attend classes 2x per week (8 classes total) or 4x per week (16 classes total) to unleash a slimmer, more confident you!

Ultimate Bootcamp 2x Schedule
 7/8/2014 Westboro 5:30 AM Tue,Thu
 8/4/2014 Westboro 5:30 AM Mon,Wed
 8/4/2014 Boston 6:00 AM Mon,Wed
 8/4/2014 Watertown 6:00 AM Mon,Wed
 8/4/2014 South Boston 6:00 AM Mon,Wed
 8/4/2014 Charlestown 6:00 AM Mon,Wed
 8/4/2014 Brookline 5:40 AM Mon,Wed
 8/4/2014 Cambridge 5:40 AM Mon,Wed
 8/4/2014 Winchester 5:40 AM Mon,Wed
 8/4/2014 Boston 7:10 AM Mon,Wed
 8/5/2014 Boston 6:00 AM Tue,Thu
 8/5/2014 Watertown 6:00 AM Tue,Thu
 8/5/2014 South Boston 6:00 AM Tue,Thu
 8/5/2014 Charlestown 6:00 AM Tue,Thu
 8/5/2014 Brookline 5:40 AM Tue,Thu
 8/5/2014 Cambridge 5:40 AM Tue,Thu
 8/5/2014 Winchester 5:40 AM Tue,Thu
 8/5/2014 Boston 7:10 AM Tue,Thu
 8/5/2014 Boston 6:15 PM Tue,Thu
 8/5/2014 Westboro 5:30 AM Tue,Thu
 9/9/2014 Watertown 6:15 PM Tue,Thu

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Ultimate Bootcamp 2x  $165

Get the motivation and accountability you need to stick to to your fitness goals in a fun, empowering environment by attending workouts 2x per week. Choose M/W or T/Th and your start date. Registration required by NOON THURSDAY before the start date. Want to customize your 2x class pack? Attend Mon/Thurs or upgrade to a 3x per week program? Email us, we'd be happy to help!


Ultimate Bootcamp 4x Schedule
 3/3/2014 South Boston Indoor 6:00 AM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
 6/2/2014 Framingham 5:30 AM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
 8/4/2014 Boston 6:00 AM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
 8/4/2014 Charlestown 6:00 AM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
 8/4/2014 South Boston 6:00 AM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
 8/4/2014 Brookline 5:40 AM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
 8/4/2014 Cambridge 5:40 AM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
 8/4/2014 Winchester 5:40 AM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
 8/4/2014 Watertown 6:00 AM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
 8/4/2014 Boston 7:10 AM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu
 8/4/2014 Westboro 5:30 AM Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu

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Ultimate Bootcamp 4x $239

Studies show that significant body transformations occur when exercising 4 or more days per week. If you want MAJOR RESULTS, attend boot camp classes 4x per week. Choose your start date. Registration required by NOON THURSDAY before the start date. If you plan to attend more than one 4-Week Bootcamp program, enroll as a Member or purchase an ultiPASS to get discounted pricing.


Boot Camp Class Share Card

Share an Ultimate Bootcamp 4x Class Pack with a friend for only $20 more: $259 total. Email Office Manager Sandi to purchase.






Bootcamp Basics

Boston Fitness DealIt's time to unleash your potential and accomplish things you never thought possible. Get motivated in a one-hour, full-body Bootcamp Basics workout. Bootcamp Basics is perfect for beginners, yet challenging enough for intermediates.

Bootcamp Basics   $22

Registration required by NOON FRIDAY before the class date.
Don't want to wait until the next BASICS to try a class?
Call or email us to schedule your first trial workout at the location of your choice!


Basics Schedule


Only one offer per New Client. May not be combined with other offers or discounts.
Classes can become full quickly. To ensure your spot in a program, be sure to register well in advance of the start date.
Registrations close Thursday, noon before a class begins. Questions? Contact our Office Manager Sandi.




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