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Did You Know?

"80% of our body's energy is expended by the digestive process"

Dr. DicQuie Fuller, Ph.D., D.Sc, N.D.


The digestive system is where enzymes break down food into nutrients. If we don't have enough enzymes (which age deprives us of our ability to produce as early as our 20's) our immune system, colon health and metabolism can slow down.


This leaves us with the effects of poor digestive health and nutrient absorption such as: sub-par athletic performance and muscle recovery, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, acne, weight gain, inflammatory diseases, arthritis, allergies and even certain cancers.


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Digestive Health







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Patented Nutrition Delivery System

  • You aren't just what you eat, you are what you absorb. Digestive enzymes are essential for breaking down food into usable nutrients in the body. YOR Health's patent-protected Nutrition Delivery Systems, called YOR NDS, is a propriety blend of digestive enzymes to maximize nutrient absorption.

Different Needs, Customized Support

Different Needs, Customized Support

  • Every one has different fitness goals and your nutrition should support that. YOR Health premium health products can be customized based on your athletic performance, weight management or digestive health needs.

Scientific Advisory Board

Backed by Science & Experience

  • With 30 years of research and clinical application behind YOR Health's enzyme line, along with a diverse scientific advisory council of medical, scientific, and nutritional doctors, YOR Health is equipped with the proper expertise to uphold the highest standards of scientific integrity and product safety.

premium convenience

Premium Quality, Convenient Products

  • While we believe a whole-foods diet is always best, it's difficult to prepare high quality meals every day. A premium line of health products can help provide you with the nutrients, enzymes and healthy gut bacteria that might be missing from your diet.




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Product Descriptions

Get the most out of your exercise routine with the power of plant enzymes,

antioxidants, supergreens, probiotics and an exclusive nutrition delivery

system to ensure maximum nutrient absorption.


  • YOR MRPA seriously delicious post-workout shake or on-the-go snack with 20 grams of protein, 22 essential vitamins & minerals plus anti-oxidants in a low Glycemic Index formula. Only 140 calories per serving!

YOR Repair Ultra

  • YOR Repair Ultraâ„¢The unique formulation of highly active enzymes and anti-oxidants works with the body's own natural processes to help ease muscle soreness caused by physical strain, exercise, or sports-related injuries.

YOR SuperGreens

  • YOR SuperGreensYOR SuperGreens helps you feel good inside and look good outside by providing you with nutrients your body needs but may not be getting from diet alone. It has the anti-oxidant power of 24 servings of fruits and vegetables plus highly bioavailable vitamins, minerals and active cultures.

YOR Digest Ultra

  • YOR Digest UltraPowerful yet gentle, this potent formula provides a general 2-3 times stronger and more effective enzyme blend than most enzyme products on the market; yet it is safe, gentle and derived from 100% natural plant enzymes.

YOR Essential Vitamins

  • YOR Essential VitaminWith its powerful, energy-boosting ingredients, YOR Essential Vitamin is no ordinary multi-vitamin. It's a total body support system that helps restore natural energy levels and offers a full range of benefits including the powerful anti-oxidant CoenzymeQ10.

YOR Berry Blast

  • YOR Berry BlastPower your day with YOR Berry Blast's revolutionary blend of 19 all natural fruits and berries, a patented enzyme activation system, and anti-oxidant power for the protection of sustained energy.

YOR Probiotics Ultra

  • YOR Probiotics UltraLooking for a probiotic that can guarantee digestive health results through clinical proof and scientific backing? Howaru B. lactis combined with 9 other highly stable strains totaling over 40 billion c.f.u. offer a full spectrum of digestive and immune health benefits.


YOR Fiber Plus

  • YOR Fiber PlusAn advanced dietary fiber supplement designed to fill the fiber gap and other deficiencies in your diet. It combines the highest quality, pure, natural and organic fibers with organic flaxseed, Omega-3 ALA, and powerful anti-oxidants.


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Educational Resources


YOR Health Chief Athletic Advisor: NFL Legend Tim Brown





Dr. Mark Hyman, practicing physician and internationally recognized authority in the field of Functional Medicine


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